Cord Moreski



"Brooklyn by the Sea"-The Rusty Truck Press (May 2019)
"Disappearing Act"-The Rusty Truck Press (May 2019)
"Tomorrow"-The Rusty Truck Press (May 2019)
" Spider"-The Rye Whiskey Review (April 2019)
" Grief"-The Pangolin Review (April 2019)
Ritual"-Philosophical Idiot (Feb 2019) 
"Wrinkles"-Philosophical Idiot (Feb 2019)
"I Can’t Help But Notice”-Indigent A La Carte (Oct 2017)
" Momentos"-In Between Hangovers (Sept 2017)
" Slobberknocker"-In Between Hangovers (Aug 2017)​
Intruders”-In Between Hangovers (July 2017)
“Significant Other”-In Between Hangovers (July 2017)
“A Slight Revision”-VerseWrights (May 2017)
"Weekend Getaway"-Chantarelle's Notebook (April 2017)
"Affect vs. Effect"-Chantarelle's Notebook (April 2017)
“The Blank Page”- VerseWrights (Mar 2017)
“Doppelgänger”-VerseWrights (Mar 2017)
“Cul-de-sac”-VerseWrights (Mar 2017)
“Age”-VerseWrights (Mar 2017)
Landline”-Silver Birch Press (Mar 2017)
“I’m No Patrick Swayze”-Yellow Chair Review (June 2016)
“Club Soda & Lime”-Your One Phone Call (June 2016)
About the Car Ride Home”-Five 2 One Magazine (June 2016)
“Space”-Yellow Chair Review pgs.82-83(Mar 2016)
My Theory on Buoyancy”-Eunoia Magazine (Jan 2016)
"Neighbor"-Yellow Chair Review pgs.101-102 (Oct 2015)
“Neighbors”-Rider University’s Venture Magazine (May 2014)
“Haunt”-Rider University’s Venture Magazine (May 2014)
“Welcome"- Haunted Water Press/From the Depths pgs.10-11 (Jan 2014)
“Ocean Grove”-The Coaster (July 2013)
“Torch”-Rider University’s On Fire Magazine (May 2013)
“Those Days”-Rider University’s On Fire Magazine (May 2013)
“Focals”-Rider University’s On Fire Magazine (May 2013)
Passing Soul”-Decades Review (Jan 2013)
“Capricious”-Decades Review (Nov 2012)


Shaking Hands with Time (2018, Indigent Press)
Stay Afloat Inside (2016, Indigent Press)
Capricious & Other Poems (2013)


Stay Afloat Inside- Full of Crow Press (Nov 2016)


Roadmaps-Cringe-Worthy Poetry Collective (Sept 2016)

Shaking Hands with Time
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