Cord Moreski

About the Author
Cord Moreski is a poet/ teacher from Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Moreski is the author of Shaking Hands with Time (2018, Indigent Press), Stay Afloat Inside (2016, Indigent Press) and Capricious & Other Poems (2013). He was a nominee for the 2016 Poet Laureate of Asbury Park, and the host of the poetry series Words on Main and Verbatim. When Moreski is not writing, he teaches middle school reading and language arts.

"Moreski has a strong, conversational narrative that makes each poem flow nicely into the next[...] Moreski is a poet to watch both now and in the future."- Kendall A . Bell, Author of Dollhouse

"Cord paints vivid pictures with his deliberate words. This chapbook [Stay Afloat Inside] is a real treasure, washed up on the shores of New Jersey. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of this collection of honest and true poetry. Then find where Cord is reading and make the trip. It's pure magic."- Nathanael Stolte, Author of 9 By NWS

"He is forceful, passionate, he throws himself into the delivery- but he is also a laid back, unassuming guy. He is, in person, like his poetry. His poems are straightforward, but read them twice."- Elynn Alexander, Full of Crow Press

Photograph by Leanne Williamson